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The CPM (Continuous Pressure Monitoring) Software is the most advanced continuous cylinder combustion monitoring tool available today. It is based on the same technology that is used in current leading edge R&D for the largest companies and organizations in the pipeline and waste water treatment industries. At the same time it is very easy to use and puts the power of the tools previously only available to reliability engineers in the hands of the people that maintain engines on a daily basis, i.e. the operators, mechanics and technicians. It therefore allows them to preemptively diagnose and address combustion issues before they cause costly failures, keeping the units running clean and at their optimum, minimizing fuel costs and ensuring unit availability.

Just some of the features that set it apart:

  • The only software on the market that incorporates Ion Sense and Pressure Ratio monitoring in addition to cylinder pressure.

  • Calculates and displays the Trapped Equivalence Ratio balance allowing a true Air-Fuel Ratio balance.

  • Continuously logs 15 min averages of all data 24-7.

  • Can capture and playback cycle by cycle recordings of combustion phenomena.

  • Makes all its cylinder combustion calculations available to SCADA systems via OPC.

  • Available for any engine configuration (2 stroke to 4 stroke, inline to vee, from 6 to 20 cylinders).

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