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CPM Details

Examples of the main displays are:

  1. Fast Balance Display

  1. Data Table

  1. Trace Display

In addition, the software suite includes the following utilities:

  1. Cycle Recording Playback Utility

  1. Logged Data Trending Utility

  1. Control Room Summary Display

Options include a wireless, handheld, ruggedized tablet. These are MIL-spec handheld tablets that the technician uses to view the CPM displays up on the catwalk, immediately in front of the cylinders that need to be checked and/or adjusted. This allows a single user to balance an engine in a fraction of the time it would have previously taken using a single-cylinder type balancer. Not only does it take a significantly less amount of time, but because the user is able to view the whole engine balance at once, in real time they are also able to achieve a better balance. In addition, because they have access to real time information on the combustion of the cylinder in front of them, they can immediately diagnose and fix other problems, be they pre-chamber, fueling or ignition related.