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VPEMS - Vaporizer Parametric Emissions Monitoring System is a PC based emissions monitoring program that calculates, averages, archives, and alarms emissions parameters such as NOx and CO. 
In September of 2005 AETC began to design a NOx and CO Parametric Emissions Monitoring System (PEMS) for three liquified natural gas (LNG) vaporizors installed at the Elba Island facility.  This system was based off of AETC's success with Asphalt Burner PEMS and was to become known as VPEMS.  Due to the high water content of the vaporizors exhaust a traditional Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) was not feasible.  The VPEMS would monitor normal operating data such as fuel flow and NOx water flow to calculate NOx Concentration, CO Concentration, Exhaust Flow, and Mass Emissions.  The system would also generate an alarm for "out of range" conditions.
Installing the VPEMS was broken up into several steps or phases:
  1. Site visit and evaluation.
  2. Vaporizer mapping to get the parameters for the PEMS model.
  3. Installation and commissioning of the VPEMS (includes model verification).
  4. Operator Training.
The second part of this project was the development of the reporting tool.  The reporting tool was designed to provide three functions:
  1. Standardized reports.
  2. Custom reports.
  3. Remote access to the database.
The reports could be configured to be either viewed in excel or printed.  In the case of the automatic reports they were sent directly to the printer so the operator could attach them to the daily logs.  An operator or supervisor can also view the data remotely provided there is a network connection to the VPEMS PC.  The remote connection capabilities are also used to facility product support and troubleshooting as needed.
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